Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ed Gear

Ron Bookless (Monocassette)

Hello. Born in 1960 in Glasgow, Scotland. Studied and worked in graphic design from the 1980s. Inspired into creating collages through Pop Art and the arrival of Punk's D.I.Y. ethic. Also influenced by the use of collage in the hilarious work of animators such as Bob Godfrey and Terry Gilliam.
For the last five years I have posted artwork online via Flickr meeting a fine bunch of artistic and musically minded friends along the way.


  1. You are very welcome here Ron and I for one look forward to your contributions is they are anywhere as good as this one! Lovely stuff!

  2. Welcome, Ron! Really like the way the face halves bleed into each other.

  3. Welcome! Look forward to seeing more great work from you!

  4. Hello Ronnie, great one to start with, I'm getting the scissors and pritt back out too.