Thursday, 15 March 2012

Theme of the Week: Shakespeare

Here we are at that time referred to by the Soothsayer in Julius Caesar Act I Scene II……as the Ides of March. So appropriately enough this week's theme is 'Shakespeare'.

So anything Bill Shakespoke related is welcomed - plays, characters, quotes, words and modern takes on the Stratford Upon Avon Scribe.

Exeunt Monocassettius stage left.


  1. I love how you introduce the themes, Mono...should we give you this job for life?!!

  2. I just have to say this: before I saw that you'd announced this terrific theme, Ron, I made and posted to Flickr a collage for which I quoted the ides of March line from Julius Caesar. Great minds....? =grin=

  3. Excellent theme. I'm sorry that I haven't participated much - I will try to find some time for this one.

  4. Thanks everyone. Always great fun thinking a theme up and seeing the ideas it generates.

    Great minds Fi. Yeah, of course - I'll go with that. :)