Saturday, 28 April 2012

dreaming of someone like jackson

I have long dreams of drifting through art galleries, floating through museums, gazing at vividly colored paintings I have never seen before.

Three Jackson Pollock paintings are cut up and spliced: Lavender Mist (1950), Autumn Rhythm (1950), and Convergence (1952).


  1. Beautiful collage and I'm very jealous of your dreams!

  2. Yes, these are a very fabulous kind of night reverie. Interesting idea to combine Pollock paintings, I had to study it a bit and think about it. Saw an exhibit last night at the Seattle Art Museum you might have found interesting -- Gaugin paintings and woodcuts interspersed with Polynesian and Maori carvings and artifacts (fascinating). Keep up the good work, Fi.

    1. I would really love to see that exhibit, Lynn! I'm a huge fan of both Gauguin and Polynesiana. I'll have to think about it before I go to sleep tonight, and see if I can dream myself there. =smile=

  3. Lovely!

    I worked at an art gallery in Chicago for ten years. Once the actress Andie MacDowell came in and she was wearing a long beautiful cape-like coat. I swear...the way she walked around the perimeter of the gallery in that coat (I could not see her feet)...was like she was floating. I like to think about that image every once in awhile and your collage brought it back.

  4. Beautiful collage! The colours are wonderful - reminds of Klimt a little bit.

  5. Enchanting piece of work. Interesting visual mix of the Jackson paintings.