Friday, 15 June 2012


For many reasons I feel that this piece is my best. Seems to strike a balance of creepy, funny, nostalgic, meaningful and meaningless. It was certainly the most enjoyable collage to compose and took about two weeks of tinkering. My favorite aspect is the layers of dimension and that it reveals something upside down.


  1. Brilliant. It's a little bit like looking through some kind of a weird kaleidoscope.

  2. There's so much to admire in the collage! The colors are stunning, especially the way the blue & green pieces appear at four poles in the composition. The overall effect reminds me of a very fine Navaho, or maybe Zapotec, rug—the way the central, sort of God-like, figure reverberates through the rest of the composition.

  3. The tribal aspect is strong - from the central figure wearing a headdress which masks his eyes to the group of men who have their eyes covered as well--the collage makes you think about what might be going on here since it is not clear what is going on here. Very interesting.

    1. I think the central figure is a shaman who's out in the wilderness somewhere having an ecstatic (altered) experience in which he receives wisdom. The little identical men with their eyes covered are his acolytes in the temple or wherever, and the people on the blue-green terrain below are the ordinary people of the tribe, waiting for the shaman to return, to hear his oracular ponouncements. What do you think?

  4. This is, indeed, a superior Tim Manthey creation. It combines all the elements of Manthey-ness. Looking forward to seeing your next greatest...because it's coming!