Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Fire of Love

                                                                   "Love is friendship that has caught fire."
                                                                                        Ann Landers (1918-2002)

Combination of 3 vintage magazine illustrations.  The glowing fire lights were part of an ad for "Afta (by Mennen) Can't Burn" - the first creamy after shave.  The fireman was part of an ad for Duracell batteries.  And the couple "in love" was for Clorets breath mints (of course)!


  1. I love it! It looks like a movie poster for a film noir love story -excellent!

    1. Thanks Vivienne! I looked and looked for fire images and then looked to Ann Landers for inspiration which is how the Clorets kissers got involved! ha ha

  2. Great imagery for fire as passion, and I love the Ann Landers quotation!