Thursday, 26 July 2012

the hazards of sunbathing

Background from a Scientific American diagram comparing the atmosphere of Titan, one of Jupiter's moons, in brown, to that of Earth, in blue. The text for Titan's atmosphere includes "thick photochemical haze" & "methane"--yuk! Sunbather is from Carlos Perez Siquier's "Muñeca, 1974/2007." Devils are from an illustration by Yue Minjun.


  1. Fantastic and so appropriate for today's world. Have you seen all the idiots on tv and in mags talking about how they tan every day, some of them have already had skin cancer!!!

    1. I've been too old to sunbathe every day for nearly three decades, but I still miss it. My pale face framed by dark blonde hair just doesn't look like "me" in the mirror: once upon a time, it was a golden brown face framed by very light blonde hair. =sigh= But no, I'm not an idiot.