Thursday, 3 July 2014

ovoids with kookaburra

I'm about to go out of town (and off the net) for a short vacation from the huge house-decluttering project. So I'm posting a couple from the archives. (The trick, for me, is to find collages in my archives that haven't already been posted here.)

Background is blue acrylic paint. Spotted mammal is a malagasy fanaloka—a sort of raccoon-like carnivore native to the evolutionarily isolated island of Madagascar. Bird is an Australian laughing kookaburra, a type of kingfisher.


  1. I was just munching on a malagasy fanaloka for breakfast this morning, Fi, what a coincidence!

  2. Excellent ! Love the Kookaburra which we heard quite a lot in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney when we visited Hazel's Aunt and Uncle a few years back.

  3. Interesting! Have a nice time away from the decluttering project (and the net!)