Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Trout Fishing In America

An altered postcard of Richard Brautigan (1935-1984).  I have always been a #1 fan of Mr. Brautigan's work.  Learn more about him:

Note:  our scanner is currently not hooked up and I had to photograph the postcard with my iPhone.  Background is the cherry wood mantel in our dining room.


  1. Very sweet postcard and thanks for the link. Always nice to discover something 'new'.

  2. Trout fishing indeed! What a truly cool collage, Angie! I love the porthole-into-Time effect.... Is there room at the top for another #1 Richard Brautigan fan, because I have all of those paperbacks in varied colors from the 1970s, and I read Watermelon Sugar out loud to my husband on our honeymoon in 1978.... Where in the heck did you find that gorgeous photo of Mr. B? I want one!

    1. YES! Always room for another #1 FAN...the central image of Richard Brautigan sitting on the edge of an old bathtub, that I collaged over is a postcard I picked up years ago. The reverse says "Photograph courtesy of Michael Ochs Archives" and the postcard was published by Pomegranate Publications, P.O. Box 808022, Petaluma, CA 94975.

  3. I do not know Mr. Brautigan - but nevertheless I like you collage and the "outlook" through the porthole.