Friday, 20 February 2015

the welcoming darkness below

Another example from my archives. Upper left is a photo of Donald Judd's untitled installation of large stainless steel boxes. Photo of nurse and patient was taken in a World War I field hospital.  Abstract below them is one of Jasper Johns's series of "Grey" paintings.

The original title for this collage was just "the darkness below." I added "welcoming" in the hope of conveying that I don't think darkness has a valence of being "bad." Darkness is simply itself, and sometimes it's in a welcoming mood.

Why I chose it as an example: the shiny stainless steel sink does evoke the idea of someone's life going down the drain, but it also brings a lot of light into what would otherwise be a pretty dark collage.


  1. No light without shadow, no shadow without light. Beautiful collage Fi, I do remember this one.

  2. Or "That Sinking Feeling" would be a good title too. Lovely stuff!

  3. That's quite a story and collection of objects. Well executed.