Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No Ursuline Ducks

Cheating a bit here as this is mostly rubber stamps on an old envelope sent to John Evans, the much missed and much admired collage artist from New York. This was sent to me from Leslie Caldera I think who was given a batch of John's collected ephemera by Evan's wife Margaret after he died to be spread through the network and worked up into some sort of homage. I have already made a small museum for John ( seen elsewhere ) and was wondering what to do with this envelope from T. Baum ( whoever he may be?) . Anyway, here it is , with bird stamps of one kind and another.


  1. What an interesting story, Michael. I must admit I did not know of John Evans and found quite a bit about him on the internet. I just ordered the book about him published in 2004 by W.W. Norton & Company. JOHN EVANS: COLLAGES. Originally published at US$75, I scored a copy from a local bookseller, Powell's Books, for only US$8.00! (plus shipping).

  2. You are in for a treat CC. That book is wonderful. If it's the one we have.

  3. I never heard about John Evans either and I found this short but interetsing information about him and his work here: https://mailartists.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/john-evans/ I´m deeply impressed that he was doing a collage a day over YEARS (round about 35!), and I like the idea that he made them with found stuff from the pavement (reminds me on one of our latest themes here). So good that you made this "birds"-collage, Michael.

    1. Surprised he is not more well known, especially in collage circles. His mail art went to this archive - http://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/john-evans-papers-16087

  4. How very interesting this all is to read..Thanks for the links, I'm also very impressed! I know this feeling of collecting all them stuff from the street, for a long time I couldn't resist 'rusty iron' ... and collected a box full of rusty nails etc.
    (I really don't know why)
    But seeing this envelope gives me inspiration of creating more handmade stamps ... I love the one that says 'Mail Art my Ass, looks like junk to me'!!