Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Cool Kids Are Back

This one is pretty Red & Green I think.
Collage made together with Sabine and Lynn, so-called tricollages. These ones are made with magazine covers which brings me to sources and storage.
I found these boxes with old magazines from the 30, 40, 50 and sixties a few years ago on local book markets.
I keep a lot of them under my bed;))
I'm also like Angie, have a lot of snippets already in transparent plastic folders with randomly subjects like 'figures seen on the back', 'figures smoking', 'sitting in chairs', 'crippled' etc. etc.
Also have book by themes, piles of anatomy, boxes full of colors and patterns, pretty chaotic but I always know where to find something .... having said that I couldn't find a picture of all those magazine piles I once made (to much photo's on my comp., lol).


  1. The cool kids indeed! You guys should cut a demo or two, so you can land a record contract! =grin= I love the big face that looks like a Girl Scout, the real leaves, the glasses and eyeballs, the whole ball of wax... well done! It must not be easy to collaborate all the way across the North American continent, then all the way across the pond, and into two more countries! =laugh=

    1. It's so inspiring to work on collages with 3 different persons!

  2. Josephine, you are SO organized!! I'm impressed. I have nothing in folders, only one or two little boxes, and everytime I need an image it's a glorious hunt...perhaps I should think about organizing.....nah....

  3. This collage is so much FUN. I have never collaborated with anyone on a collage. I think of it as a solitary pursuit. But maybe in the future?