Thursday, 1 December 2016

THEME: Tools for Making Collage Art

This month, except for the week of Christmas, we'll be sharing with each other the "Tools, Tips, & Techniques" we use in making collages.

This first week in the series, you will look around your work space and ask yourself, "What tool do I use that my fellow posters on the KK may not know about?" It should be a physical object, not a source for fun paper. Then you will use that tool in making a collage in whatever theme you like. Underneath the collage, you will tell us what tool you used, plus how and why. Add a link, if possible, to a picture of the tool, with or without purchasing info.

As the series moves along, I may pick up one or more of the tools, tips, & techniques that get posted, and make them the theme for a future week.

Remember: we live in different countries, with different cultures, different availability of products. If you think it would help us understand, post a photo or drawing of your tool, preferably in use. It's OK, and in fact would be humorous, if your tool is very weird. Be quirky! =laugh=

Questions, comments, absurd remarks?

EDIT: If you only use "old school" items (scissors, knife, glue) in your work, no problem. Just consider this an "open theme" week, and go for it. If you feel inspired to do so, tell us about how you went about making your collage(s). But only if you have time, only if you feel like writing down a few words about what you did. Also, I omitted the line about each collage using a different tool. What was I thinking? =laugh=


  1. The 3 T's ... sounds exciting Fi!

  2. Oh dear...I am back from a trip to Florida for an unexpected death in my husband's family and I just saw this theme. Yikes! I ONLY use a special pair of scissors, an Exacto knife and glue sticks. I am at a loss to show or describe any of the wonderful things I have already seen posted! So I will simply be an observer/student this time around.

    1. Sorry to hear about your family sadness. I too am just a plain old scissor and scalpel guy - these new fangled whatsits and oojits are beyond me so I will be an observer too this week as I have plenty of other projects to do - making all my xmas cards for one!

    2. Listen up guys, even if you just tell us what your choices in scissors and glue are, and why, we'll learn somethin'. Even what you said right here is news to me. I learned in med school that I have fumbly fingers and awkwardly large hands, so I've had to invent ways to work without ever using a knife.

      I was figurin' a more "open to anything" set of themes would be good for those of you who're preoccupied with holiday activities, but perhaps I was wrong. Should I change course in mid-stream? I guess I shouldn't have used the word ."unusual."

      Maybe you don't think a whole lot about the process of your work, but when we get to tips & techniques, I'm sure you'll have things to say, and illustrate. Since I've only been makin' collages for seven years, I still learn a lot from hearin'' about how other collage artists do their thing. I've read a few articles on how to manage scads of paper and so on, but not much firsthand info. I'm busy teachin' my now 16-yr-old great niece how to be a collage artist: it's so helpful when I can tell her about the range of possibilities, so she's not just stuck with me as her role model. Angie has mentioned, for example, that she does a lot of snipping ahead of time—which I never do—so I'd be curious to hear more about why she does that, and how she stores such fragile clippings.

      But if y'all are clamoring for a more typical KK set of themes, no problema: I keep a file with a looong list of ideas for future themes. =smile=

    3. Dear Fi, Sorry if I sounded a tad negative in my comment but I really am busy and have no time to elaborate on what i do and what scissors and glue i use. I imagine it's very similar to what everybody else uses. Never too keen on dissecting one's techniques and ideas - most come off the top of my head! Please do keep the interesting themes coming - no need to change in mid-stream. I appreciate all the effort you put into your work and your words. Look forward to adding more stuff when I have time.

    4. Thanks for your quick & sympathetic response, Michael. We're cool. If you're collaging your Xmas cards, I'd love to see one o' them--but only if you have the time & mental space to do that.

      I completely understand about bein' busy. My physical therapist says I'll never get out of the [expletive deleted] wheelchair unless I make rehab my full-time job. I didn't say it to his face, but I immediately thought, "Yeh right--like THAT'S gonna happen." =laugh=

      I just posted a brief edit to the theme description.

      Angie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've already been through quite an ordeal over my husband's losing his father, then his favorite sister, so I'm dreading what's going to happen to him when his 92-yr-old mother dies.

    5. Thanks Fi. And this is my 7th loss in a year -- 4 family members and 3 close friends (I included my beloved dog as a family member). Sorry about your husband's losses.