Sunday, 18 March 2018

Friday, 16 March 2018



Yes, this is one real tough board game without the helpful ladders! I Like this qote regarding other versions of Snakeism found on Google - "Any long, pointless, convoluted piece of speech which serves no apparent purpose apart from annoying and confusing the listener" .

Thursday, 15 March 2018


inspired by constructivism

This is inspired by "Dynamic Suprematism," a painting by Kasimir Malevich. I'm a little vague on my art history here, but I think constructivism was one of the "-isms" Stalin declared to be "Western decadence." So Malevich made up the word "suprematism" to describe what he was doing, which was basically constructivism.

THEME: Illustrate an -ism

Right around the time RenĂ© Dubuffet coined the word "collage" from coller, to glue, in his native French, there was an explosion of "-isms" in the art world. After centuries with mostly only classicism and realism, all of a sudden there was impressionism, postimpressionism, fauvism. cubism, constructivism, surrealism, futurism, vorticism, modernism, expressionism, primitivism, abstract expressionism, postmodernism, photorealism—obviously just a partial list, and the list goes ever onward. Fortunately, I suppose, there's never been a collagism. As for those who try to make Dada into Dadaism... they just don't get it, do they? =smile=

But you don't have to restrict yourself to art movements. Or made-up art movements, either. There's also spiritualism and alcoholism and pessimism and nihilism and all those philosophical and religious "-isms” and...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Love in Bloom

Combination of vintage hand colored French postcard, a desert scene with a blooming plant, a floral bouquet and a pretty bird with an orange head & breast.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

THEME: Orange

We've done "blue" more than once in the years I've been on the KK, but I'm pretty sure we've never done "orange." Orange is a strange color, both happy and anxiety-provoking. As a word it's strange, too, because it's the last major color word to enter the English language. We had no word for "orange" until ships from Europe ventured to warmer climes, returning with a fruit the Spaniards called "naranja."

So your challenge this week is to put some bright and obvious orange in your collage. It doesn't have to be monochrome orange, although my first one will be. It just has to have a nice vivid spot of orange somewhere in the collage. Go for it!

Fire Dogs

Family Dog

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

asemic writing dogs me

Background reproduces a page from the Voynich Manuscript, which all the scholars and cryptographers in the world have not been able to decode.

Thursday, 1 March 2018


From the archives

Year of the Dog

Beyond Our Kennel

From the archive - alternative cover art I did for John Hegley's book of poems back in the 90's. Rejected by the publishers for the one I thought inferior. O well , at least they used one of them! They managed to loose the original too but paid me for it.