Monday, 28 May 2012

would hans arp say yes?

I've been trying to loosen up my approach to collage—be more spontaneous and less obsessive/compulsive about it. So I've been studying the Dadas and the Surrealists. This collage is inspired by the work of one of my favorite artists from that period, Hans Arp (1887-1966). He did a series of "automatic drawings" that influenced me when I was cutting out the black shapes.

The background is of a bunch of people trying to break the world's record for the largest "raft" of kayaks. The photo is by Nancie Battaglia.


  1. I'm a big Hans Arp fan (and his wife, Sophie Tauber) meself.....I have quite a few collages at my art blog

    PS-very nice work yours!

  2. I have a hard time being spontaneous as well, this is superb though! I love the dadaists for sure!

  3. It's certainly colourful! Like the old saying says - "You can't have your kayak and eat it!"