Friday, 10 July 2020

FOOD & DRINK: Homage to Chef Markus Auer


This collage came together quite by accident. First, I loved the image of the chef which I found in a Taschen book. Next, my hands picked up an Assouline book about vintage celebrity jewelry.

There I found Marlene Dietrich. I discovered how perfectly she fit on the chef's shoulder. In the same Assouline book was a page consisting entirely of an image of a beautiful piece of lace. The collage was completed.  I loved this image. But, how to explain it? I GOOGLED "Marlene Dietrich's eating habits". GOLD!

Georg A. Weth, a German author, has spent years researching Marlene's eating habits and has published a book of her favorite foods and what she liked to cook for her celebrity friends. By the way, traditional plain German cooking was her very favorite food.  In "Ick will wat Feinet. Das Marlene Dietrich Koxhbuch" it is also revealed Markus Auer was a German cook (top chef at a German restaurant in Paris) who catered to Marlene in her final years.  She would ring him up and he would prepare and deliver a meal to her. At the very end, he even possessed a key to her flat, their bond was that strong.

Food and Drink

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Thursday, 9 July 2020

Food & Drink - Fluxus Cooking

Theme: Food and Drink

A return to an old Kollage Kit favourite. From bread-making to a glass or two of vino. Food & Drink was a bit of an obsession during lockdown...and after it by the looks of it!
 #StaySafe - Ron