Thursday 30 November 2023

Public Display of Affection

 Even in war time the offering of a rose was an important gesture of affection.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Dante the Magician -- now appearing AT THE SUPERMARKET! Revealing such low prices he seems to make merchandise magically disappear!!

 He was born Harry August Jensen (1883-1955).

Jensen was known throughout the world under the name Dante the Magician, working in vaudeville, burlesque, legitimate theatre, films, and in later years, television.

Thursday 23 November 2023

The Centre Aisle of Aldi

 Happy Thanks Giving…

Not sure if this happens in America ..but there is a supermarket called Aldi where they have a central aisle which has all manner of odd things for sale..from fluffy socks to gardening tools and everything in between…you go in for eggs and milk and come out with a set of extending ladders and a quilting kit.

Pretty sure I have seen an electric blanket egg cooker too!..I might have imagined that one.

Not sure if this lady has a mop on her head…..they would sell them too.

At The Supermarket - Nowhere Town

Not really a supermarket but a small charity shop - the sort I like to frequent. This is from the archives - originally proposed as the sleeve of a CD for a music project that never really got off the ground which was a shame as the songs and ideas seemed top notch. Like so many online projects it remains on the back burner which getting mighty crowded!