Friday, 28 February 2014

what brown can do for you

From my recent archives: two skulls in one collage. I'm really busy with social obligations this weekend, but I hope to have time, in a few days, to make a new one. The title is sort of a joke: it's the slogan of a U.S. delivery company, the United Parcel Service.

in 'n out

from last year but perfect for the topic!

The Rite of Spring

Life and Death of a Film Star


One from the archive.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

An Osteo Olio

Great theme!  I bet everyone of us has a box full of skull-and-bones themed pieces, ghoulish lot that we are.  Because my collage efforts this week have to be squandered on an old project that MUST be finished, I dip into the archives ...

 Recent collage work called "Less of This, More of that"

 Page detail from work-in-progress, an altered book to be entitled "Smoke"

 Page detail from an old altered book project called "Under Vesuvius"

Hello All

My name is Scrappyboy and I love to collage. I am looking forward to being a part of this group as I used to be in Scrapiteria and miss it very much. I look forward to scrapping every week. Thanks Michael!!!

Tattooed Skull

This small painting is the first I've made for a while on a 20x20cm canvas.  I still could not resist adding collaged elements to it - mainly from old 1950's  Mechanix Illustrated magazines found at flea markets etc.

Theme of the Week - Skull and Cross Bones

I've been making some painted and collaged skull images recently so thought I would see what you lot would come up with!  Skeletons in the cupboard?  Pirates on the high seas?  Alas poor Yorik?  etc.  Feel free to interpret in as many diverse ways as possible. Have fun!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

banner project

I think this was the hardest challenge yet. I really felt out of my depth...

Friday, 21 February 2014

It Was a Banner Day...

Well, the size is probably wrong and I should have put some male personae in here in addition to the ladies, but hey, we don't pretend to know what we are doing...

THE KOLLGE KIT banner project

Here is my submission.  Had fun going through lots of books and magazines to get images.  My favorite image on the banner (woman being shot from a cannon) was found in one of my favorite books to cut up -- The Saturday Book.  I only have one copy of The Saturday Book as they are hard to come by in the States.

Kitting Around

Boot Sale Sounds Banner

I had to cut this one down a bit as it wouldn't fit on the scanner. I'm not very good at following my own instructions!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mail Art Badge Blog

Some old badge designs from the archive I've cobbled together to form a banner.

KK Black and White

Oops! Sorry this one seems a bit bigger than the scanner so I've changed the size now to  4cm x 30cm  which should fit better.

Theme of the Week - Blog Banner

This can be for KOLLAGE KIT or any blog come to that - even ones that are made up!   The dimensions should be  4cm x  30cm  for this blog but variations would be acceptable for other blogs. Usually a long thin banner is preferable to a short fat one!  ( Landscape mode )  Have fun!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Kollage Kit Banner (Reject)

A failed banner design but thought I would upload it anyway.  If any of you fancy having a go at making a new one please feel free. Maybe it could be next week's theme?

All is fair in love and war

another from the archives

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Days of Gin and Tulips

not to be confused with Days of Wine and Roses.

from the archives

...And When He Left, He Sailed Away on a River of My Tears

Heading out of town tomorrow, so here's an old [sad] one for now...

Theme of the Week - LOVE

A Valentines Day theme this week so plenty of hearts, flowers, cherubs and doves!   Or something less obvious perhaps?!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

mr. cool chimera

This one's from my recent archives. The French sentence, "Parfois le rire de Dada fait pousser une chimère," means "Sometimes Dada's laugh makes a chimera grow." (A chimera is a mythical beast composed of three different creatures.) Foot is that of a Rüppell's vulture (Gyps rueppellii), resident of the African plains. Middle section is the stinky part of a wild arum (Arum maculatum), related to the famous giant corpse flower. The human (Homo sapiens) is from a 1950s ad by Clipper Craft men's clothes for their "Mr. Cool" suit. Speech bubble is from Haunted comics.

The Three Graces/ De Drie Gratiën

I proudly present.... 'The Three Graces', some real Dutch Delight!
In their traditional costumes the Ladies sing 'Uit Volle Borst' (boisterous/clamorous) the National Anthem backwards!

Monday, 10 February 2014

From the Freak Show.......Family Fotos

 Bat Masterson and the Gearheads

Irene and Dookie

A little maxed out time-wise this week, so I also have borrowed from the archives.  These guys will eventually be bound into a strange little family album, but in the meantime they remind me of those old cabinet photos of albino circus families, Absynnian freak show women, bearded ladies and contortionists...

Final Act

I have tried and tried to create something new for this theme but am posting from the archives.  Sometimes nothing works, but this fits the theme well.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Man with the Sawdust Heart

A Giant of The Big Top

This is sort of a play on words as "The Dainty Miss Leitzel" was 4 feet 9 inches of charm and nerve.  Lillian Leitzel is considered by many  to be the greatest circus performer (aerial gymnastics) of all time.  She was a part of the Ringling Brothers circus.  Tragically on Friday, February 13, 1931, Lillian  plunged from her trapeze to her death while performing in Copenhagen.

The background is from a Time/Life book about the1900s.  The auto is a 1951 Studebaker.  And the lovely Miss Leitzel is cut from a reproduction of a famous Ringling Bros. poster that featured her with these words:  "AERIAL WONDER DAINTY MISS LEITZEL WORLD'S MOST MARVELOUS LADY GYMNAST."

I found a YouTube video of one of her performances!  ENJOY!!

Here is the link:

Silly Milly and her Wicked brothers Willy(s)

Milly is able to force out an extra arm and the two Willy(s) of course are very handsome.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

torn postcard

Background composed of disarticulated parts of two coconut crabs. Circus gal from Taschen's The Circus. Plus black acrylic paint.

About a week ago a very close friend of mine abruptly cut off communication with me. This collage is about how it feels.

The Tattooed Lady No. 3

Long Tall Dicky and his Chicks'

Theme of the Week - Postcards From The Freak Show

Double the fun this week with either postcard inspired work or old timey fair and circus acts etc.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Crows of the Unconscious

To see a crow in your dream represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your unconscious.



Nightmare Cave

dr. kandinsky in his laboratory

Scientist and sleeping woman from a painting by Norman Saunders on the cover of Marvel Science Stories (April-May 1939). The 16 paintings are, of course, by Wassily Kandinsky. Mediocre sine waves by yours truly (note to self: don't try to draw sine waves when your brain is full of coffee.)