Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Old Spinster Celebrated Mother's Day with Her Children by Making Them Pancakes

Dolls are people for a make-believe world.  And what better way to celebrate their existence than to make THEM pancakes on Mother's Day!  On that note:

Happy Mother's Day To Everyone Who Is One...Be It Mother To A Child or A Cat or A Bird or A Reptile or A Dog or A Doll!


  1. I love all the warm colors: they go so well with the pancakes, which look absolutely yummy...what a great idea, Angie!

  2. Ah, she looks a little sad, CC...I've got two humans, a cat, a hamster and an unidentified life form to celebrate with, I feel lucky. I love the colors in this one, too, nice contrast with the sepia tones of our spinster.

  3. Love this! Wish I had made my barbies pancakes on Mother's Day!