Tuesday, 28 October 2014

try again, fail better

Angie's already seen this one: in fact, she's got it. I sent it to her early in our intermittent postcard correspondence. (By the way, thanks for the great Hallowe'en card, Ange!)

Samuel Beckett provides the title. The full quotation, I believe from Molloy, is: "Try. Fail. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." "Failing better" is a concept I often think about when I'm making collages, since I'm a retired doctor who's never had an art class.
I would very much like to make a new one for this theme, but my energy is flagging. Maybe Wednesday morning?


  1. I thought this look familiar! LOL!! It's proudly displayed in my studio, Fi.

    1. ooops...I thought this LOOKED familiar!

  2. And you are welcome (for the Halloween card).

  3. Fi I very much love your title on this collage 'try again, fail better'!
    It is indeed a good thing to keep that in mind ;))

  4. Beautiful colors, and beautiful message, Miss Fi!

  5. Yep! This is a very good message! And I love all the circles you have snipped!