Friday, 1 August 2014

Dirty Ol' Nose

I made this today from an old "Do It Yourself" magazine cover I've had knocking around for a while. You may spot some of the other parts from famous paintings and the infamous Time Life book about the natural world.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

ART Poster

One from the late 90's or maybe even earlier. Oh, now I see the date 1989 -99. Took me a while to finish for some reason!

Hag In Black Mask


As I mentioned before, my husband and I will soon be picking up a brother-sister pair of oriental shorthair kittens from our breeder. This collage will be a gift for the woman who breeds these lively, social, charming cats.

Oriental shorthairs are close relatives of Siamese, and are sometimes described as the "greyhounds of the cat breeds": they are long and tall and skinny with long faces and big ears. As for the spiral tails, well, spirals can mean many things, but in the nature religion I practice they stand for regeneration and renewal. I decided on green and blue for the colors because one of my favorite images of summertime is green conifers over a beautiful blue lake.

Night Sea

Just back from a road trip to the sea (and the river and the volcano...), and here is what we saw:

New Theme: FREE FOR ALL!

It is the last day of the month and the last theme pick (for me).  Having returned, earlier this week, from a vacation to The Sun Valley area of Idaho my brain is awash with beautiful mountains, cloudless big blue skies, and the color of baked potatoes thanks to the foothills in the valley we were staying in.  I can't think of anything else--which includes a creative theme!  So...have fun making a collage about anything or posting one from the archives.