Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sang da nicht die Nachtigall?

I asked a lot of my friends how to translate this title - and I got very different suggestions. 
Could you please tell me which one is right?
"Has not sung the nightgale there?"
"Didn´t the nightingale sing?"
"Hasn´t the nightingale been singing?"
... ??? ...

Four Bird Stamps

The Picnic

Bird ATC's

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

No Ursuline Ducks

Cheating a bit here as this is mostly rubber stamps on an old envelope sent to John Evans, the much missed and much admired collage artist from New York. This was sent to me from Leslie Caldera I think who was given a batch of John's collected ephemera by Evan's wife Margaret after he died to be spread through the network and worked up into some sort of homage. I have already made a small museum for John ( seen elsewhere ) and was wondering what to do with this envelope from T. Baum ( whoever he may be?) . Anyway, here it is , with bird stamps of one kind and another.

'The Birds Bride'