Monday, 30 May 2016

eight nipples

With charcoal pencil (for incense smoke). Large creature and worshiper with censer from "Adoration (Der Schmerbauch)" ["Adoration (The Potbelly)"] by Alfred Kubin, ca. 1901. "DADA siegt!" means "DADA triumphs!"—a slogan seen often on Dada publications.

I have no idea what the blue oval with the eyeball? tree? fish? is about, but it was right there after "DADA siegt!"

Ol' Mac Donald

Friday, 27 May 2016


I've been busy cutting up more art books. 1 is Raphael's "The Dream of Scipio" circa 1500. 2 is Esteban Murillo's "A Girl and Her Duenna" circa 1665-75. 3 is Auguste Renoir's "Bather with a Griffon" circa 1870. 4 is Correggio's "Jupiter and Io" circa 1532. 5 is Jacques Louis David's "The Death of Marat" circa 1793. 6 is Caspar David Friedrich's "The Wreck of the 'Hoffnung' circa 1821.

Dire Electric Poems