Saturday, 10 October 2015

Breakfast in Portmeirion

Found a couple of old postcards last week in a box file.
1) Circular English breakfast.
2) Portmeirion Prisoner themed.
Grin is from promotional photography/art magazine!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Rubbish Collector

This is a great theme, Michael!
I will be out again for some days - so I will show one form the archive 
which fits so well to the theme! Hope I can manage to produce one at teh end of our week.

Found in The Reject Pile

Killing two birds with one stone here as I was asked by Hazel to make a collage for the "Lost & Found" project one of her students was doing and had to make one quickly before she went into work. Luckily I found this old one I'd started some time ago and with a few tweaks was able to bring it up to my usual low standard! The student seemed pleased so a bonus all round!

Theme of the Week - LOST & FOUND

Interpret the above theme in any way you like. Have fun!