Thursday, 28 April 2016

Exquisite Corpse No. 6

Josephine, Sabine and I have been doing a series of "exquisite corpse" collages.  One of us starts, folds the paper to hide what she's done and passes it on to the second, who does the same, etc.  This one was started by me with the bottom third, Josephine did the middle, and Sabine finished it off with the top. None of us saw it until it was totally finished and (ta-da!) finally unfolded.  Much fun was had by all!

Martha and the Mule

Pastel by William Merritt Chase entitled "Interior: Young Woman Standing at Table" circa 1898. Mule from a vintage children's book about animals. I was struck by the scale and coloration of found mule and how well I could integrate it into Chase's work so it hardly seems like a collage.