Thursday, 29 March 2012

Theme of the Week: Springtime

This week's theme: Springtime.

I think we can now safely say we're in Springtime. Depends where you are in the world of course.
It seems brighter here, spring holidays beckon. Easter eggs in the stores and gambling lambs
on the hillsides....(they really should wait until they're older to bet.)

Well, that's the end of my stint as theme-master and that's my final theme.
It's been great doing this during the month of March and thanks to everyone.



  1. Hey Ron...good theme. In fact all your themes have been good ones. I have been creating my spring collage in my head all morning!

  2. Thanks Angie. I'm still looking around for ideas for this. Thankfully, it's another fine spring day which might help.

  3. Thanks Ron - excellent themes - enjoyed them all. Just back from Brighton where Archie had his interview for the sculpture course. Fingers crossed! So some catching up to do!

    Anybody want to pick the themes for next month? Let me know by next Thursday.