Saturday, 16 June 2012

My sister takes care of birds.

My sister Olga is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  Her specialty is birds.  I made this collage in her honor in 1991.  As I recall it took a long time and I kept it on my work table adding birds to it every day for months.   I wanted it to be "just so".

I used two postcards, published by Dover, of an antique wooden Lady Liberty type statue as the central figures.  I kept one postcard intact and carefully cut the figure out of the other.  (I thought the wooden lady to be a tree of a sort hence the nest on top of one head and a birdhouse on top of the other.)  I then had a good time cutting up a bird field guide by Roger Tory Peterson.  The end papers had lovely silhouettes of birds (the cut out lady is pasted to an intact end paper) and I found every variety of bird within the pages of the book.  I framed this collage (using UV glass than goodness!) and actually took it out of the frame so I could scan it for The Kollage Kit -I also never had a record of it so it made sense to do it now.

I think this is one of my very best collages.


  1. Spectacular collage! Must be viewed large.

  2. Really stunning! I recognize the Peterson guide, because I'm a birder: the balance of silhouettes and colored paintings is nicely done. And I love how the turkey in the lower left anchors the composition.

    1. My sister lives on 20 acres and had a pet wild turkey named "Peeps". "Peeps" actually became a very mean bird as he aged, terrorizing my sister's dogs. He is now in wild turkey heaven.

  3. Spectacular indeed. I like the bird hats.