Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Unaware She Was About To Trip Over A Squirrel, Fall Flat on Her Face and Have Her Hat Snatched by An Owl, Henriette Strolled Along Reading the Latest Le Petit Parisien

This is a postcard I purchased in Paris..."Modiste lisant le journal "Le Petit Parisien", 1899.


  1. Good snipping indeed: I admire the job you did on the owl feathers and talons, and the squirrel''s ears! And I like the setup, with Ms. Modiste so insouciante while Nature "red in tooth and claw" plays out right in front of her. Plus you get bonus points for an unusual species of squirrel! =grin=

    1. That is an "Abert's Squirrel" or tassel-eared squirrel. Thank you National Geographic! ;)