Friday, 27 September 2013

"If You Haven't Got Anything Good To Say About Anybody, Come Sit Next To Me"

Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, sat for a portrait when she lived in the White House.

Did you know the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of President "Teddy" Roosevelt?

Of her quotable quotations, her most famous found its way to a pillow on her settee.  It is the title of this collage.


  1. Simply delightful! Yes, I knew how the Teddy Bear got its name, but I didn't know anything about Alice Roosevelt. Thanks for introducing her to me: she sounds like a fun gal!

    1. Go to Wikipedia and read all about her!!

      Here is an excerpt:

      She was known as a rule-breaker in an era when women were under great pressure to conform. The American public noticed many of her exploits. She smoked cigarettes in public, rode in cars with men, stayed out late partying, kept a pet snake named Emily Spinach (Emily as in her spinster aunt and Spinach for its green color) in the White House, and was seen placing bets with a bookie.