Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Pink Rose in The Loge

The background is a detail of "La Loge" 1874 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, courtesy of The Art Institute of Chicago's monthly magazine.  The black & white photograph of the woman on the left is American soprano and film actress Geraldine Farrar circa 1915.  She made her singing debut at The Metropolitan Opera House at the age of 24.  The black & white photograph of the gent on the left is none other than the brilliant Leonard Bernstein circa 1958.  Both performers certainly spent their share of time in facilities that included a loge so they were perfect candidates for my collage.  Plus all four images that came together were the perfect size for this piece.  The pink rose is snipped from an antique postcard.


  1. This came together beautifully, CC, nicely done!

  2. So pretty, makes me think of something by Henry James, Portrait of a Lady perhaps...

  3. I love this: it's as though the two at the opera are observing the beautiful pair with the rose...