Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weekly theme

This week, incorporate some drawing into your collage, pencil, ink, paint, thread, etc.

I'm including one I did last week with just added pencil but am going to try and really push myself in a different direction.  I'm also including a piece by artist Laura Ferrara, I find her work to be very inspiring.

Electra Complex

you can see more of Laura's work here


  1. Great theme! The wheels in my head are whirling with ideas.....

  2. Excellent theme! And thanks for the link to Laura Ferrara's work. Very innovative!

    (Note: I was unable to participate in the FAMILY theme last week due to all kinds of things including FAMILY issues!!)

  3. This was a real challenge for me, Vivienne!
    Laura Ferrara´s work is brilliant! Thanks for the link!