Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Stand Up For Your Self

Some cut out figures I've been playing around with. Not sure what they have in common - being cut-outs I guess! Two photos so you can see they are really 3D.


  1. Wonderful Michael, like a pop-up or tunnel postcard.
    There's this collage artist Thomas Allen, who makes book cover collages with the personages coming out of the cover, don't know if you know him.

    1. Thanks for the link Josephine - interesting stuff!

  2. Wow...I like your figures just standing around on your work table...they look like they're having a grand old time catching up! And I went to the Thomas Allen link and was blown away...well crafted 3-D collage ideas!

  3. I like how they brought into relation and thereby telling a story. If there would be a background instead of your working place it would definitely become a great 3D collage, Michael!

  4. Very impressive Michael. I could see them giant-sized almost like a stage set.
    (but you're gonna need a bigger pair of scissors...) I like the Bilko-esque characters at the back.