Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Oh to Live on Ice Cream Mountain!

Borrowed a line from Neil Young's song "Sugar Mountain" with a bit of a change.  Initially was going to call it "Ain't No Ice Cream Mountain High Enough" (a play on the Diana Ross song) because I just returned from a visit to The Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan.  Oh my goodness...what a thrill it was to be in STUDIO A -- where ALL the MAGIC was CREATED and actually get a chance to sing with our tour group in the studio (The Temptations song "My Girl").  Our guide told us in 2011 when Sir Paul McCartney visited and sat down to play the vintage Steinway grand in Studio A and it was so out of tune he had it shipped to New York where it was reconditioned and tuned and returned to the museum!  What a guy!!


  1. I've climbed that mountain a lot these last 2 weeks, I totally recommend that ;))
    Nice story Angie!

  2. I know this Song from Neil Young very well and I like it a lot! And your collage fits perfectly in both ways- to the song and to our theme!

  3. Glacé college. Nice story about Paul - another place I'd like to visit.