Saturday, 29 August 2015

Miss "Piscy".... Goddess of the UnderWorld.


  1. Festive throne! I like the color palette of this collage.

  2. Hiya fish face! Yes, great colours - watched Amelie again last night and reminds me of all the greens in that delightful film.

    1. I LOVE that movie...have not seen it in years! I too will watch it again. I thought, after viewing it the first time, the movie Amélie is how I feel on a GOOD day!!

  3. I agree with you both, I love Amélie, beautiful color green with a slight touch of red (and great music and story).
    I have this art book with 22 new colors (it's an old book), so there was my background color which match with the color of the sea stone and then this fish felt like a great mask for the girl.
    Thanks for your comments ;))