Friday, 17 February 2017

Fake Attorney Challenges Real News

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories
Did Man Actually Walk on the Moon?

By the way that is Raymond Burr who portrayed television attorney Perry Mason. The show ran from 1957-1966.


  1. It's funny: I well remember the Perry Mason series, because my patents were avid fans. But these days I'm mostly annoyed with Raymond Burr... through no fault of his own, he was cast as a figure in the supplementary footage that was added to "Gojira" (Japanese for "Godzilla") to make it (supposedly) more palatable to an American audience. In the process of adding footage, they also subtracted footage—not only of the Japanese scientists Burr's character stood in for, but also some marvelous expository scenes set in a fish laboratory, in which Our Hero (a Japanese icthyologist) discovers what can be used to vanquish Godzilla: since he is a creature of the sea, to the sea he must return. The final scenes of the movie, depicting Godzilla disappearing beneath the waves in a huge burst of bubbles are poignant, meaningful. So I recommend to all & sundry that you watch "Gojira" in its original Japanese version (w/ subtitles, not dubbed).

    All of which has nothing to do with your splendid collage, Angie: my apologies. Imlike very much the way your men walking , or dangling even, are doing so on the waxing crecent moon. And the headline completes the composition very nicely—well done!

  2. Great fun Angie. Where's Perry - we need him now!

    1. I hear you Ron, I hear you loud and clear.