Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Fake Cigarettes

Sorry I've been busy with more 'zine stuff recently ( a new Gee Whiz ) so rather distracted, but here's an old one from the archives that fits the bill - well it has the word "fake" in it anyway!


  1. I'd say it qualifies. Were these cigarettes that you puffed on...oh yes, I just read "BLOW--DON'T SUCK". YUK. I wonder what chemical you would be inhaling if you did? I like that they tell you real cigarettes kill but these pseudo cigarettes are actually setting up youth to want to be seen with ciggies! I remember "candy" cigarettes in the 1950s that were white and had red food coloring at the ends (to mimic being lit) and they tasted like peppermint chalk but I loved them! And yes I did smoke for about a decade. But come to think of it I guess I became addicted to the nicotine. Oh well, what are you going to do?! :)

    1. I mean I became addicted...I was not actually influenced by those fake cigarettes I consumed as a little kid.

  2. I remember these Michael. It may have been talcum powder being blown out (or maybe not..) Also, Angie reminded me of the candy ones. I used to go through a pack a day of the sweetie cigarettes at one time. Christmas of course, brought the chocolate tobacco selection box with pipe and lighter etc. I got more addicted to sugar I think than the Harry Rags!

  3. That fits perfectly, Michael! We here (Germany) had just chocolate (without candy at the end) - and I enjoyed them, too. Clever trick of the tobacco industries to bring the youth to real cigarettes, I think.

  4. Thanks all. I will put a link here to the new 'zine once it's on ISSUU.