Wednesday, 25 March 2015

"Gone Bird"

"Gone Bird"  (ha ha a play on the title "Gone Girl").  Those are all extinct birds that have disappeared off the face of the earth!  Starting with the large bird to the left of the pretty little girl who seems to be waving bye-bye is a Dodo.  Next is a reconstruction of a prehistoric bird called an Archaeopteryx (Jurasic period, about 135-181 million years ago).  A Carolina Parakeet is nibbling on the girl's hat.  And finally a Great Auk.


  1. AWESOME work...What was the substrate?

    1. Thanks Sue! Duh...I was going to mention the substrate and totally blanked.

      From a book about The Estruscans, I found a ceremonial shield of bronze that guarded the dead warrior's soul in the grave. The particular shield I cut out measured a yard across. The description added it is so thin that now it must be held together with a supportive backing of wire mesh.

      I thought it was a perfect background for this collage!

  2. Lovely stuff - sad and poignant image of creatures we shall never see on this earth again.

  3. I agree with Michael, sad and beautiful at the same time.
    Thanks a lot for your excellent themes this month Angie ;))

  4. Thanks Josephine! Enjoy the last theme...a collage about any old thing!

  5. Great title, poignant subject, and nice contrast between the smiley little girl and the thought that we have driven these species out of existence.