Thursday, 23 June 2016

if it isn't one thing, it's another

I'm pretty much back on my feet—not a whole lot of time spent vertical, but a few minutes here, few minutes there. I'm definitely going to dig into making new art in this theme! In the meantime, here's a silly one from my archives.

Josephine has the original of this. That gives me no end of pleasure, knowing that it lives now in Holland. =smile=


  1. never cease to amaze me with your collages Fi!

  2. Yes this one is such a beauty! I love the water and the beautiful colors. I have this thing with the number 8 and to me his eyes are the number 8 ... ( the 8 as symbol for the sign of a chain .. the connection of everything ) the eyes can see.
    The title says it all. This collage still is a treasure for me Fi.

    Hope you have a creative week.

  3. Impressive tatoos!And impressivly fitting the theme! Holland is a good place for collages :))