Monday, 26 September 2016

Think Positive!

Although our two goldfishes got poisoned, our noses got bigger & bigger and our only leftover pet managed to escape  this desolated surroundings where we were left behind by our parents, we had a great time with our new found 'bubbling-machine'!


  1. Jo, wonderful collage (LOVE the colors) and such a happy little story to go along with it...I just read a news story about how cute little goldfish are incredibly invasive species and take over rivers and lakes because we keep dumping them or flushing them down our toilets, so perhaps poisoning IS the way to go...

  2. What fun bubbling-machine and story around your collage!

  3. FUN TIMES! Who doesn't like bubbles? They certainly do. And what a story to go with this image. Fantastic.