Friday, 6 January 2017

three birdy envelopes

This theme, especially Hitchcock's movie, really inspires me, so I will definitely be creating a new collage. In the meantime, I thought I'd share three birdy envelopes I made for a woman who likes crows/ravens, swans, and peacocks. In each case the front of the envelope is on the top, the back on the bottom. The "Pisceana" artstamps on each envelope are my own creation.

The crow/raven and swan envelopes are pretty self-evident, but it's worth explaining that for the peacock envelope I expanded in the direction of male beauty, male pride. (Note that the peacock pic folds over the bottom of the envelope.)

These were supposed to be envelopes the recipient would actually use to put letters in the mail, but she refused to "mar them with address labels and stamps." I intended them to be enhanced by address labels and stamps, and even (sort of) left spaces for that stuff. Oh well... =shrug=


  1. These are so creative Fi! I have stopped doing heavily embellished envelopes (mail art) but remember how much fun it was. I especially like the 'peacock' envelope. Mr. Zero made me laugh.

  2. Definitely very creative envelopes, Fi! I like the "abc" very much!