Thursday, 27 April 2017

Atomic Cafe

Just finished this collaged postcard today from a batch PLG in Germany sent me. Clive from the Incredible String Band is playing bongos on one of the tables - not sure if he is the cabaret or just waiting for some hippy food to turn up! Anyway, reminded me of the ATOMIC CAFE soundtrack for some reason. Seem good enough reason to include it here.


  1. Wow...thanks for the link...some great songs on this soundtrack. And what perfect timing for this delightful collage.

  2. Listened to the music, too - thanks for the nice link. And the collage fits perfectly to the sic - and the theme!

  3. Just don't order the Tuesday Special...great postcard, W.

  4. Thanks all. Been a way for a few days in North Wales so not much chance to make anything except a collage diary of things picked up at the sea side!

    1. A weekend in North Wales at the seaside picking up little things....sigh....sounds perfect!!