Friday, 30 June 2017

Exquisite Corpses

Here are some of the Exquisite corpses made by Sabine, Lynn and yours truly.
We send them to each other by post and cover up the parts we made, we just leave a sign where to continue, so it's a surprise until the end for all three of us.


  1. DEEEEElightful! Good collaborations and certainly fits the theme!!

    P.S. Please read newest comment under this weeks THEME. We are going to have a summer break. See you in September Josephine, Sabine and Lynn!

  2. Such a nice reminder to our collab!
    And yes Angie - I red all and left a comment, too!
    BTW - what´s about Fi, Ron, Fillippo?!? Missing you!

  3. Good to see these collaborations. Lovely stuff!