Friday, 27 April 2018

après le déluge, ceci

Hi there, Kollage Kitters! I was gone, but now I'm back. Just temporarily, though... Since you guys gave me the idea of making a collage from scraps, I couldn't resist sharing this one with you. The only way I can justify its having something to do with hats is that in the lower righthand corner, on the horse's neck, there's a Rasputin-looking fellow in a large hat. =shrug=

So... what you see are almost the entire contents of the box of scraps that has been filling up on my work table for a while now.

As for the title, I'm not going to explain it. Either you get the joke, or you don't. If you don't get the joke, don't feel bad, because it's really not that funny anyway.


  1. this scrap much to look at and so much energy! Delightful. And I am going to have to use a translator to know what the title says ;D!

    1. It's not so much what the title says, as the historical line it makes a joke about. Either Madame de Pompadour or her lover, Louis XV, is famous for having said, "Apres moi, le deluge" [After me, the flood]--meaning that their reign would be followed by something like a revolution. So my title means "After the flood, this." After the flood of scraps...

    2. Apologies for not having inserted the correct diacriticals: they're right in the title.

  2. It´s always fun to work with scraps - I am collecting them for years - and always like to use them!
    You´ve collected interesting scraps - and so is your collage.