Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gloria Took The Double Guarantee of Her New Stardust Bra With More Than A Grain of Salt

Of course we all know to take something with a grain of salt (or pinch of salt, as some say) is to not take what someone says too seriously, there is a possibility that it is only partly true!

Juxtaposition of two vintage ads from Woman's Day Magazine, November 1952.

The ad for the Stardust Life-Insured Bra the bra with ooh! la! la! and the $10,000,000 UPLIFT LINING which guards your health" was unconditionally guaranteed for a full year's wear satisfaction.

A portion of a color advertisement featuring a woman wearing a bra and holding her fine lingerie over one arm and a handful of bleach powder in her hand was from an ad for SNOWY BLEACH - "now science makes it possible to bleach nylon and rayon - SAFELY!


  1. So I see you went for an all-white collage, too! =grin= Great images, put together well. I admire your stash of vintage ads, Angie, and even more I admire your abillity to find the right ones!

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  3. Thanks Fi. I have A LOT of paper in my studio and I do seem to have some sort of radar when it comes to picking up the right book or magazine.

  4. Hah! Lovely collage, Angie, makes me smile...