Sunday, 19 August 2012

DO NOT Share This Image With a Victim of Sfairesphobia

Sfairesphobia ~ fear of balls/spherical objects.

Bowler is an illustration from an ad for Absorbine Jr. in a Saturday Evening Post, October 1937.  The painting by Henri Matisse is "The Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra), 1907.  Circular frame is part of a photograph of the Phillips Exeter Academy Library taken from a vintage HORIZON magazine article on current architecture.


  1. Oh man, Angie—this is beautiful...The whole composition, the reduced color palette, the witty choices of spheres—I really like it!

    1. Thanks Fi! I've just been tweaking the title. I think I've arrived at a good one.

  2. Who knew?!! Lovely images here, CC, love the focused look on the bowler's face juxtaposed with the languid pose of the blue nude. Very women-are-venus-men-are-mars...

  3. A 'round' of applause for this one Angie.
    Reminds me slightly of Mad Men.