Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dada Wedding

struggling with all aspects of my art this week, I added the challenge of only creating collages with one image cut apart.


  1. Who of us doesn´t know such miserable and dire conditons?! I love your collage you´ve made - the confusion the handpositions are provoking! And the minimalism, too!

  2. You're better off than I am, Viv: at least you were able to make something! And it's wonderful, too—the challenge you set yourself seems to have been an impetus to creativity of combinations...I should have given myself a similar constraint. (Isn't it funny how useful they are?) Instead, I piled up all my Dada books and looked at Hannah Höch and looked some more at Hannah Höch, until finally I concluded I just didn't have any clippings aporopriate to use in an homage to her: everything I have is super-colorful all in saturated hues. Same problem I had with my idol, Max Ernst. Oh well. =shrug=

  3. Vivienne, this is really wonderful and I love its genesis. Cutting up one image is such a fun idea, but your piece is not gimicky, it's elegant and haunting. Well done!