Monday, 16 December 2013

The Smell of Fried Chicken Came Wafting Up the Stairs

I could not believe my good fortune while paging through a LIFE magazine from March, 1958.  A full page advertisement for Swanson's Quick-Frozen Chicken featured "a trio" of the yummy looking stuff on forks.  I then laid my hands on my vintage book of black & white photographs that I like to use as background and voila!


  1. Gave me a giggle this morning, CC, maybe this is the Colonel's house?!

    1. You just made my husband, Ted, LOL when I read him your comment. Ted once met The Colonel when he visited Leo Burnett, the ad agency where my husband had his career. He said Ted looked like Abraham Lincoln! (Ted was thinner and had a beard at the time.)

  2. So good I can almost smell the grease!

  3. The stairs just make it! And I love the fact that the forks have only two tines...