Thursday, 13 March 2014

Fur Stinks

Oh My God! This was so much fun to do.

So I had that eerie background laying around.  The fashion plate in her fur coat is another piece that has been cut out and ready to be used for a while.

I wanted to make a statement and I found a skunk who encounters her, gives her a bit of a sniff and then delivers a bit of a whiff!  I put the orb in the background to add a bit more motion and also show the passage of time.

I will share my technique.  Originally I photographed each separate page, manually moving the three pieces but the resolution of a photo was not too good.  I then thought about removeable double-sided tape and I used that to lightly adhere each element and then scan each page separately.

I found an on-line application called which was extremely simple to navigate and worked real well.


  1. I can almost smell it ;))
    Great animation CC and lovely text about the sniff and the whiff!

  2. Lovely job! Yes, plenty of gif making sites out there if you look for them. Some you can add music too and sound effects but not figured that out yet!

  3. Very good statment, so good animated and thanks for sharing how you did it!

  4. Nice work Angie. Best animated skunk since Pepe Le Pew!

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha! This is so good! She didn't even notice.