Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Theme of the Week - Building Site

We have a noisy building site at the bottom of our garden which is probably why this theme came to mind! 5 new detached houses that look as big as signal boxes ( if you know what they are? ) so the shadows they cast shouldn't be too bad - we shall see. Anyway, have fun making your own building site, architectural follies etc.


  1. Good theme. And oh dear (your plight). I have endured the messy & noisy construction of a new building behind my house and to the immediate west of my property line. In the Chicago neighborhood I live in you are truly lot line to lot line-- everthing is so close you can practically open a window and touch the building next door! Until the new structure is in place you don't know how much sunlight or privacy you will be losing!

  2. Yes, I suppose we have been lucky having a nice empty field at the bottom of the garden for 15 years so we can't complain. We did actually but it did no good - they got planning permission much to our annoyance, and I suspect most of our neighbours who butt onto this plot of land. Hopefully when they are built they wont cast too much of a shadow over our garden and the occupants are civilised and quiet. Fingers crossed!

  3. Civilized and quiet neighbors...if that's what they prove to be, W, PLEASE trade me for some of mine!