Friday, 21 March 2014

When Howard Built His House On the Edge of The Silhouette Forest He Didn't Anticipate the Never Ending Presence of The Shadow Children Who Giggled and Ran About His Property All Day and Night

Thanks to Rachel Field (1894-1942) for the use of her wonderful silhouettes!
The house was found in a Dover book of Houses of the 1920s.
Don't remember where I found the disgruntled home owner.


  1. Those naughty silhouette kids! Excellent collage.

  2. Again a creative title and collage. (You wrote once that the title is so important for you, if I remember right?!) Here I like the clever combi of the different images: silhouettes, b&w photo and colored painting!

    1. Yes Sabine. I like to think of some of my collages as one-panel short stories, hence the long titles. Thanks for the compliments.

  3. This is such a great mix of sweet and eerie, love all the incorporated elements.

  4. It all comes beautifully together in this collage, I agree with Sabine and I love long titles ;))

  5. Got a little horror movie vibe to it, CC -- Children of the Corn invade suburbia!