Wednesday, 10 December 2014

fur people day at the water exhibit

This one's an experiment—my first 11" x 17" (28 x 43 cm) collage on fiberboard. The water pictures are details from photos by Rebecca Resinski. The background behind them is actual wood—thin-sliced cherry. The Asian sun bear is a drawing by Amelia Bauer. The galloping horse is from a painting by Charles Knight. That's a real human being whose face is peeking up over the edge: it's a painted portrait of a man with hirsutism (aka lycanthropy). Except for the fuzzy white dog on the right, all the fur people are undomesticated.

It seemed weird to me that the vampire bat is purple, but then just today I saw a photo of another species of black bat, hanging in clusters in a cave, and they looked purple, too.


  1. Interesting bunch of "critters" - looks good despite the wonky angle!

  2. Quite a successfully ambitious undertaking!

  3. Cool idea to collage on wood! I like the linoess cause she seems to be so afraid of the water!