Monday, 29 December 2014


I'm hosting a series of swaps on swap-bot where you're supposed to work with mostly neutrals (which, for this series, includes brown) and just "A Bit of..." color. This first swap was titled "Nifty Neutrals," with no "color" at all, just to get people in the swing of using neutrals.

Background polygons from magazine & catalog clippings. Central zig-zap from real (not facsimile) mid-19th-century ledger paper. Thanks to the influence of composer John Cage, I let chance determine the position of the black painted lines: their positions were pairs of integers in sequence from a random number generator.


  1. Fun! What a high energy piece this is. Happy New Year Fi.

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  3. I agree with Angie - this collage has got a high energy! I like the color vibe of this one!
    And a Happy New Year, Fi!

  4. The angles and neutrals are pretty great, Fi, and it looks like it's full of static electricity!