Thursday, 26 February 2015

NEW THEME: "In my dreams..."

We all love to dream don't we?  (I know I do!)

Disconnected or crazy or beautiful or peaceful or nightmarish!  OR all of the above in one dream?

Collage a dream -- one you really have had or imagine one you would like to or not like to have!


  1. Thanks, Angie! The theme you chose is very close to my own pick for the last February theme: I was going to have y'all include a self-portrait or a portrait of someone you love, and "tell" (w/ your collage) a fun/funny story about them/yourself. We mostly only know each other through our collages, and I think it's a good time to get to know each other better.. For example, I just turned 60 a few days ago. I don't have much to say yet about "the 60s" because of my cold, but it amuses this old hippie to refer to this time period as "the 60s." And since I'm officially a "cat lady" now, despite my aversion to the word "lady," because I'm an elderly woman with more than one cat, I can't resist showing y'all the latest pic of our fur children.

    1. Oh my goodness...those are two very splendid felines! Hope you are feeling better now. And HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY Fi! I know you are a Pisces. I am an Aquarian. Just turned 63. I like your idea for the last theme you did not get to post. I will keep it in my "idea" file and perhaps make it the last theme of March!