Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Theme of the week: Mountains

Today is the last theme by me for this time.
Inspired by Angie´s collage "Photo Shoot on Cadillac Mountain" and Lynn´s last infographic "Comparative View of the Heights of the Principal Noses in the World" I have chosen "MOUNTAINS" for this week. What ever comes up in your mind ....
Grab your scissors and have fun!


  1. Many thanks Sabine for your excellent themes - looking forward to Angie taking over next week.

  2. Yes, Sabine I echo Michael's comment re: fun and interesting themes. And I will be your humble theme-picking servant for the next couple of rounds!

    Side note: Has anyone heard from Fi lately?? Wonder how she is doing.

    1. I haven´t heard from Fi either! Hope she is better!