Saturday, 10 October 2015

Breakfast in Portmeirion

Found a couple of old postcards last week in a box file.
1) Circular English breakfast.
2) Portmeirion Prisoner themed.
Grin is from promotional photography/art magazine!


  1. What a great find and interpretation of the theme Ron!

  2. This egg has indeed the sunny side up! And I echo Josephine: a very creative interpretation of the theme!

  3. I have no idea where or even what Portmeirion is, but this is definitely a fun collage to examine! Once again: look in the comment section of "How to Electroplate Some Tories" if you're curious about why I've been gone so long....

    1. Hi Fi...I did and I hope you continue to improve. If we can't have your art right now, it's really good to have you back commenting. Best, Angie

  4. Thanks all. Great to see you back Fi and hope you can get back to collaging soon.
    Portmeirion's a magical place in Wales, famously used as the location for The Prisoner TV Show.
    The architectural ideas were the vision of Bertram Clough-Williams-Ellis and constructed about 90 years ago.
    Some info here on their website.

  5. What a wonderful assemblage of found objects. Nothing is lost on me with this collage Ron! LOL (And it whets my appetite for a fine English breakfast!)