Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Rubbish Collector

This is a great theme, Michael!
I will be out again for some days - so I will show one form the archive 
which fits so well to the theme! Hope I can manage to produce one at teh end of our week.


  1. Delightful! That girl has found some great stuff. Again I'll say: if you're curious about why I've been gone for so long, ithe info is in the comments section of Michael's collage titled (I think) "Electroplate the Tories."

    1. Hi Fi, I'm so glad to 'see' you back here!
      I've just been reading your comments over at Michael's and I'm so sorry that you have such a struggle at the moment. I hope everything will turn out well again in the nearby future!
      I really missed you!

  2. Hi Fi! So good to have you back again - even it´s "just" for commenting - but nevertheless you take part - and this is the good info! So sorry for all your health troubles you have had and still have! To have hope and the will, that things become better, are two of the most important things for your recovery. So I wish you all the best and get well soon!

  3. Such a beautiful collage Sabine!
    I think these are the best collectors!

  4. Very rich textures and colours. Rubbish has never looked so good!

  5. This is a beautiful collage, Sabine...looks like it should be hanging in a fine art museum!